Amir Khan: “If the creativity is over, the film will leave the world”.

Amir Khan (Mediazoon): “If the creativity is over, the film will leave the world”.


Breaking News (Mediazoon) : Bollywood, star Amir Khan says that when their creative capabilities are over, they will take action from the film world and the ability to practice their living and simultaneously open their views.

There is a reputation and that's why Bollywood's Mr. Performist is Amir Khan.

Due to his unfortunate talk, he had to face conflicts many times.

Amir Khan recently interviewed Indian TV on return from Turkey, where he spoke openly on his film career and personal life.

He said that one day his creative capabilities would end, but he wished to be aware of the fact that he was starring from the film world.

He said that he does not care about all these things because he strives to prove the truth in his movies.

Actor Imran Khan said that they earn good and more money, because he does not make any sense to earn money from the movies that they are conscious of lime.

Adding that he have never The movies have not thought of making money, which is the only reason they believe in living ears, even if the movie is found to be found.

He responded to the question regarding working on the same film in the year, saying that his film reaches completion in years or two, that he can put on a single film at one time.

He said that I am also famous because of being shattered but they say that their families are also worried about their changing and their wife also jokes.

Amir Khan refused to answer any type of question on Indian politics during the show.