Mediazoon: “Apple company apologized to slow down the iPhone”.

Mediazoon: “Apple Company apologized to slow down the iPhone”.


New York (Mediazoon): Apple company apologized to customers to slow down the iPhone.

Last week, Apple company was deliberately confused to slow down its phone and it was said that its phones are slow in performance over time.

After the confession of the Apple Company, the worldwide consumers of the world consumers were criticized when the demand for sales and sales of Apple's new smartphone came into consideration.

Apple company apologizes with iPhone users after the reduction in the purchase of iPhone in the market according to international media, saying that the new phones will be released in 2018, the batteries will be converted into the cost of the iPhone as well. Will be reduced and the software used in the iPhone will be updated IOS.

Which users will feel that their phone's battery has become more and more good than ever before.

In addition, the U.S. Tech Company has announced that consumers will now be able to convert batteries into a lower price, ie, worth $ 79 in the purchase of $ 29.

The Apple Company apology has come after the confession, in which they acknowledged the slow and low charge of the speed of the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SE batteries, causing the iPhone to closed and shut down.

After Apple confession, the company had to say it intentionally so that people could buy new phones except for the oldest phones and some consumers had given a call to buy other smartphone smartphones in the future.

Apart from this, many consumers and retailers also expressed the idea of the legal lawsuit and cases of Apple, that why the purchase of new and modern models of iPhone came to see a clear decline.

It is clear that Apple Company had admitted that this process was done without consuming the knowledge of the consumer, but the company said it does not mean that its purpose is to force users to take a new phone.

The iPhone further added that the lack of iPhone capabilities was made under the security measures if the iPhone does not slow down on time, they may soon be incomplete broken or broken off the complaint May come in front.