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Who is Celebrity or what is the meant of celebrity? A celebrity can be a person who is widely recognized in a given society and commands a degree of public and media attention. Latest Celebrities archives and celebrities news across music, film,politics ,sports,fashion and television that surprise you.Celebrities are one of the greatest sensations in the main stream culture. Most popular celebrites also have poorest celebrities some richest celebrities in the world richest actor in the world forbes and also world's highest paid celebrities.Know about Who is the Hottest And Sexiest Celebrities in The World. All of the celebrities have their own stories.Some celebrities play nice on screen but are monsters in real life There are two types of celebrities some are jerks and other the nice ones.We have latest Celebrities archives up to date which one celebrities Are Jerks In Real Life And Who Are Incredibly Nice. Many Celebrities can sometimes be rude, blunt, and downright mean to her fans. Interaction Between Celebrities and Fans (public) Life of Celebrity is like that a capsule : Their actions, activities, and opinions are all packaged, distributed, and consumed as a product. Fans want up to date their life activity.The most important kind of information that celebrities share is personal information, as it establishes a relationship between them and their public. This is a purely parasocial relationship, a one-sided relationship in which the public is interacting with the celebrity but the celebrity is not aware of this interaction.