Mediazoon: “China warned India to control its army”.

Mediazoon: “China warned India to control its army”.


BEIJING (Mediazoon): China has warned India to control its army and implement border agreements.

According to a report from the Indian News Website New Indian Express, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Colonel Ren quoted Doklam dispute and said that it is India responsibility to control Indian border forces, as well as implement the agreement Also be done.

The spokesman further said that the Chinese army has defended its territory in 2017 with full determination.

On the other hand, India says it is in touch with China for Kamlesh maan server yatra, which could not have been due to Doklam dispute in 2017.

Remember that Chinese and Indian forces came to face each other in July this year in the construction of a road in Doklam area.

This region meets the border of the north-eastern province of India and the border of neighboring country Bhutan, the dispute between Bhutan and China regarding the ownership of this area has been long, while India supports Bhutan.

In July this year, China started construction of the road in July, after which India should send its troops in support of Bhutan so that the construction of the new road could be stopped.

Later on, at the end of August, the Indian Army decides to end the conflict and ordered military personnel to clear the area.

In this regard, the Indian Foreign Minister said that "reconciliation" has been fixed after the talks with Beijing.

It should also be noted that there was a war in India in 1962 on the issue of Arunachal Pradesh between India and China.