Mediazoon: “If any country supports Palestinian, President Trump give threatened”.

Mediazoon: “If any country supports Palestinian, President Trump give threatened”.


Washington (Mediazoon): The United States announced its deduction in the aid of the countries who voted in the General Assembly against their decision to move to Jerusalem.

Trump Threaten

The United States's permanent ally Nikki Haley has said that President Trump has instructed him to look at one vote.

The United Nations General Assembly (today on Thursday) will make a resolution on the resolution against Jerusalem's recent American decision to recognize Jerusalem's capital.

Talking to reporters at White House, the US President said, "They take thousands of dollars from us and even billions of dollars, and still vote against us.

We are watching that vote, let them vote against us, we will save a lot of money, we do not care.

It is clear that after the announcement of Jerusalem about the United States today (on Thursday) on the request of the Arab and Muslim countries today, 193 member states are making a special emergency meeting at the UN General Assembly.

America's name was not named in the draft resolution presented by Egypt, but it has been said that all decisions regarding Jerusalem should be resolved.

The resolution in which the United States's decision was not explicitly mentioned in any statement or action that concludes that Jerusalem's sacred city's status or geographical nature is being tried to change its No legal status, it will be considered untrue and it should be canceled.