Mediazoon: “India will become the world’s fifth largest economy in 2018”.

Mediazoon: “India will become the world fifth largest economy in 2018”.

Narendra moodi
Narendra moodi

London (Mediazoon): In the year 2018, India will invest economically in Britain and France and by 2032 India will come to the third position.

The report released by the London Center for Economics and Business Research, according to the foreign media, states that India will go ahead of France and Britain next year to become the fifth largest economy.

The report has ranked economically strong countries, which is currently the seventh number of India.

In the last financial year, the Indian economy has suffered a huge fall compared to the last three years after the introduction of the tax system overhauling by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi by pretending to be old currency notes banned in November 2016.