Mediazoon: “New York Bronx Fire: Atlest 15 People die in apartment fire”.

Mediazoon: “New York Bronx Fire: At least 15 People die in apartment fire”.


New York (Mediazoon): A residential building was burnt in the branch of the Bronx, resulting in 12 people and injured.

Fire Killed 15 in New York

According to the International Media, a sudden fire broke out in a residential building in the nightclubs of the New York area.

The intensity of the fire was so much that he wrapped the entire building. Due to fireworks, 12 people, including children, were killed and several others injured.

According to the US media reports, rescue teams departed immediately and took relief from the affected buildings and brought them to the hospital while receiving relief.

New York officials say that the reason for the fire has not yet come forward and has begun the investigation.

The New York Mayor Bill de Blazeev has tweeted about the burning fire last night, 'This is the worst fire in the city in at least one-quarter of the century.

This is an extraordinary tragedy. In this fire, 12 people are washing their hands, while 4 of the injured are worried.